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Why Choose Romero Roofing?

Like most customers, you are comparing roofing companies to find one that best fits your roofing or remodeling needs. Unlike most companies, we won't try to brag and try to sell you on these points. So how do you know what is important? Why choose Romero Roofing over all others? We recommend that you take your time and do some research. It is a big mistake to think of roofing as a commodity where all products and companies are the same.

Romero Roofing has been in business since 2005. Before then, owner Erasto Romero has been perfecting his craft by working alongside some of Austins biggest and most reputable roofing companies. This is what sets us apart. We have the experience, the knowledge to do the job once!


While we all shop for the best prices we often overlook quality over cost. We can't say that we are the least expensive or the most expensive company out there in terms of cost. However, we are fair! We perform thousands of repairs a year, mostly correcting others work. This is often the result of cheap labor. 

Great Reviews and Ratings

Romero Roofing is a top rated company with the BBB and has no complaints.  We have maintained an A+ rating for as since joining the BBB. When looking through the BBB site to compare companies don’t just look at the rating. Take into consideration how long the company has been in business as well as when they joined the local BBB.


 Aside from our BBB A+ rating, we are also a top rated company with Home Advisor. Don't take our word for it, see for your self 

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